Alon Cohen


Telecommunication has changed significantly since Alexander Graham Bell’s created the first practical telephone model in 1876. While there have been changes in design, function, features and much more, few can argue that there are any changes bigger than the move to VoIP¬†(Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. This new invention has not only produced the emerging VoIP market, but it is also leading to the take over of traditional phone systems. Who is the man behind VoIP? None of this would be possible without Alon Cohen. Born in Israel in 1962, his multiple patents have both created and improved on Internet telecommunications. Let’s look into who Alon Cohen is, how he developed this technology and how it has changed the face of phones and audio communications forever. Beginnings Creating the VoIP industry was not on Alon Cohen’s mind when he first started learning about technology. In fact, it wasn’t even the…