Centene has partnered with AT&T, Connected Nation, Dell Technologies and Intel to help reduce the digital gap among youngsters by providing foster agencies in Florida and Missouri better access to the Internet. Centene and the other organizations donated over 1,000 computers and 2,200 hotspots under the K-12 Digital Divide Program.   The Digital Divide refers to the economic, educational and social disparities that exist between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not. The program, which is hoped will have a positive influence on the general welfare of the youth, was necessary during the pandemic since computers and internet connectivity were essential for routine activities, such as attending school or visiting the doctor.   Mylayna Albright, AVP, Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T, commented: “This program brings together major players in the health and technology industries to ensure foster youth can access important digital resources that address physical,…