CounterPath Corporation, a Canadian software company that delivers Unified Communications (UC) solutions to businesses and service providers, has announced its membership in the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA). As a peer organization that has a mandate to foster the expansion, availability and adoption of hosted communications services worldwide, the CCA provides a forum for industry leaders to discuss the most relevant topics. Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer at CounterPath, said, “The CCA comprises some of the world’s leading cloud communications experts, vendors and strategists, and CounterPath is thrilled to be joining this fast-growing community. When extending the offer of membership into the organization, the CCA cited CounterPath’s long-term leadership in cloud communications as well as the ongoing technical innovations we have introduced to the market, including our award-winning Bria and Stretto solutions. We look forward to working with the CCA’s leadership team and members to advance the state of the cloud communications…