Vilija Simkiene


Euro-Center, one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of medical assistance, travel assistance and insurance claims’ handling, has formed a strategic alliance with DIDWW, a global telecoms operator offering premium quality VoIP communications and SIP trunking services. By leveraging DIDWW two-way SIP trunking solution, this partnership ensures high quality voice services throughout Euro-Center’s medical assistance and travel insurance business. With their global presence, it was crucial for Euro-Center to find a comprehensive cloud solution as opposed to relying on local PBX systems in each of their 11 regional offices. Consequently, the company chose to partner with Genesys Cloud and collaborate with DIDWW to meet the goals of Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Euro-Center selected DIDWW due to the operator’s unique coverage in countries not typically covered by other global SIP providers, such as South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, and Turkey. As Euro-Center has its second-largest office in Thailand, securing premium…

Norway’s top telecom operator, Telenor, joins forces with Hafslund, HitecVision, and Analysys Mason to create the nation’s most secure commercial data center operator, focusing on sustainable solutions and critical data storage. The collaboration addresses national security concerns and promotes energy-efficient data centers with heat recycling potential.