Innovative communication solutions are a great way to streamline business processes, increase productivity and ensure a smooth and scalable expansion. German-based Hemmersbach, a renowned service provider of IT infrastructure – DaaS (Device as a Service) and GFS (Global Field Service) – has teamed up with DIDWW, a leading provider of premium quality cloud communication services, to establish a strong local presence across the world with DID numbers and SIP trunks.   This initiative will see the DIDWW private global voice and SMS network enabling seamless communication for Hemmersbach, which currently serves customers in more than 190 countries and operates through 50 subsidiaries worldwide.   To successfully manage such a large volume of internal and external communications, Hemmersbach will leverage the robust and geo-redundant VoIP network at DIDWW. The company’s extensive international coverage of virtual phone numbers and its powerful local dialing solution will ensure a fully-compliant and reliable service, as…