The Orange subsidiary, Orange Cyberdefense, has purchased all of the shares of SCRT and Telsys, two Swiss businesses. These two sister companies, which have operations in Geneva and Bern, together with a joint headquarters in Morges, near Lausanne, employ over 100 professionals with expertise in cybersecurity and related services.   The growth of Orange Cyberdefense is a strategic goal for the Orange Group as it seeks to position itself as a top European cybersecurity business. The purchases, according to Orange, would strengthen the group’s cyberdefense business, which intends to generate 1 billion euros in revenue next year. The financial terms of this deal have not been disclosed.   Currently, Orange Cyberdefense operates in nine countries, including France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.   With the acquisition of SCRT and Telsys, Orange Cyberdefense is now able to provide around-the-clock local assistance to Swiss organizations.…