Amdocs, a leading software and service provider to communications and media companies, has bought an Ireland based Digital BSS company, Openet, that provides charging, policy and data solutions. Two years after their heated legal dispute, the telecom software company Amdocs has ended the litigation by finally licensing a number of Openet patents. As the telecommunications sector has been trending towards digital transformation for some time now, the merger between the two companies will provide exceptional and wide-ranging opportunities for both enterprises. In recent years, the Ireland-based company, Openet, developed modern cloud-based software and 5G products that are recognised around the world for their innovation. The amalgamation of the two companies is said to offer Amdocs‘s customers advances in 5G technologies, cloud, edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as an elevated customer experience, policy and data management expertise. Shuky Sheffer, CEO of Amdocs Management, commented:…