SoftBank, a Japanese corporation, has announced the creation of an expanded evergreen fund dedicated solely to supporting Black, Latinx and Native American entrepreneurs in the United States. SoftBank’s $100 million Opportunity Growth Fund for underrepresented founders was announced in June 2020, and this pledge is a continuation of that fund.   Up till now, the initiative has  already benefited 70 businesses. About 55% of the first portfolio firms were formed by Black people, 40% by Latino people, and 5% by Black and Latino people. Despite this, the SoftBank Opportunity portfolio favors men, with only 13% of companies in the portfolio having been started by women of color.   SoftBank Group announced a pledge to invest in underrepresented creators in the face of rising racial inequality, and the SB Opportunity Fund was formed in less than 24 hours. SoftBank is now doubling down on its first investment by making this initiative…