Premium smartphones account for over half of global handset revenues in 2022 According to Counterpoint Research, higher-priced smartphones – those costing more than $600 – accounted for 55% of entire handset revenue in 2022. This is the first time that premium market revenue has accounted for more than half of the worldwide smartphone market. In 2022, revenue attributed to handsets costing $1,000 or more increased by 38%. Apple did well in the premium market, rising 6% year on year and accounting for three-quarters of overall sales in the sector. With more OEMs producing foldable devices in the luxury market, Android smartphones might experience a fresh wave of growth in 2023. Read the full article. Vonage launches no-code video conferencing solution for businesses With the introduction of Vonage’s Meetings API, companies now have a developer-free method of integrating video conferencing into their websites or platforms. The no-code, customizable API is designed…