Vodafone Carrier Services, the division responsible for Vodafone’s global trading of voice, network connectivity and messaging services, has announced that the Voipfuture Qrystal solution will be used for monitoring the quality of the company’s end-to-end, IP-based voice network service.  According to Voipfuture, their platform provides advanced voice quality analytics, reporting and troubleshooting by means of signaling and media metrics. The Qrystal  platform acts as a passive monitoring system, and analyzes SIP and RTP traffic in real-time. This technology, patented by Voipfuture, uses fixed time slicing to deliver quality data in five-second units. Quality data is gathered and combined into different levels, thus providing accurate information to assess the quality of overall traffic as well as for single calls. Clive Goodwin, Head of International Voice Services at Vodafone, said, “We designed our Intelligent Routing platform to deliver High Definition voice (HD voice) services across a large number of countries…