Singtel ramps up its maritime digital services by integrating the innovative satellite technology from Starlink. This breakthrough aims to inspire ship operators into adopting digital solutions such as AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud-based technologies for improved operational efficiency and safety measures. Starlink, a first-of-its-kind low Earth orbit broadband service included in Singtel’s comprehensive iSHIP offerings, offers enhanced connectivity and reduced latency.

In a strategic overhaul, Singtel has sold its cybersecurity subsidiary, Trustwave, to MC2 Titanium in a $205 million transaction. The sale, which was on the lower end of predicted ranges, marks a significant loss on Singtel’s initial investment. This action is part of Singtel’s wider initiative to optimize resources and improve shareholder value by centring its focus on 5G and other digital services. This story brings a further glimpse into Singtel’s resculpting journey, with the effectiveness of this asset divestiture strategy awaiting a verdict in upcoming fiscal reports.

KKR’s recent acquisition of a segment of Singtel’s data centre business, marking a staggering valuation of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo at S$5.5 billion, signals enduring private equity interest in telecommunications, regardless of economic turbulence. The move intends to boost Singtel’s regional expansion, piggybacking on the booming data centre industry and skyrocketing enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services. This symbiotic partnership, leveraging Singtel’s expertise and KKR’s track record, promises to advance InfraCo’s growth in markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Four powerhouse telecom companies have forged an alliance to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), revolutionizing customer experiences and uncovering potential business opportunities. This alliance, brought to life in Seoul, South Korea, promises to co-develop a Telco AI Platform, pioneering new AI services, like digital assistants and super apps. The initiative has been seen as a forward-thinking response to the escalating global interest in AI within the telecommunications industry. Imminent discussions at the Total Telecom Congress will shed more light on this transformational feat.

Singtel has announced an additional US$100 million investment in Singtel Innov8, its corporate venture arm, in order to cultivate businesses with technology matched with the telco’s own priorities. The funds will also diversify their investments across regional and global markets.   The most recent cash infusion brings the Singapore carrier’s total investment in Innov8, which was founded in 2010, to $350 million. According to a statement released by Singtel on Tuesday, the VC arm has since invested in more than 95 companies, and has enjoyed 35 exits, four of which were unicorns.   Innov8 made investments in companies that match the group’s commercial interests, which include 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, cybersecurity, the digital economy, and other cutting-edge technologies. The company uses an evergreen fund model of operation, reinvesting profits from portfolio sales into new assets. With this additional funding, Innov8 will diversify its investment portfolio even more, adding ventures…

Singtel, a Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate, and its Australian subsidiary Optus have expanded their 5G ecosystems by adding Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts to their portfolio of hybrid cloud technologies from hyperscale cloud providers in their respective multi-access edge compute (MEC) platforms.    With Amazon Web Services Outpost, MEC will power 5G solutions such as robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence to function with very little latency, and closer to end-users. Companies can access MECs with AWS Outposts from the nearest Singtel site, allowing them to seamlessly manage their applications that utilize AWS tools and benefit from extremely low latency data processing.   Furthermore, Singtel may optionally install the MEC with AWS Outposts at the customer’s site for testing, in the case where the customer wishes to keep confidential data on its premises.   Bill Chang, CEO of group enterprise at Singtel said its partnership with AWS will increase the…

EU’s new digital strategy targets data-hoarding tech firms The European Commission has proposed its new European digital strategy “Europe Fit for the Digital Age” that puts a target on all the biggest US tech players. It states that a large part of the world’s data is currently owned by a small number of Big Tech firms, which “could reduce the incentives for data-driven businesses to emerge, grow and innovate in the EU today, but numerous opportunities lie ahead.” The new proposals indicate the need to provide “an attractive policy environment”, which means that data can flow throughout the EU while applying data protection values established under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more at https://tinyurl.com/wdb9hee Dell targets telco edge deployments with new server, micro data centre Dell Technologies has introduced new products for telecom operators that are building out edge network deployments. A compact high-performance server, a modular micro…