US telecom giant Sprint Corporation has announced that it is working with Arizona State University (ASU) to promote economic, educational, technological and social growth in the entire Arizona region, leveraging the power of Sprint’s True Mobile 5G and Curiosity™ IoT’s advanced dedicated network and operating system. This groundbreaking collaboration will combine the innovations of 5G and Curiosity™ IoT, create a new IoT curriculum and reach millions of residents. Sprint’s Curiosity™ IoT is the first dedicated, virtualized and distributed core IoT network that is purpose-built for software. Hosted on a solid foundation from technology leaders including ARM, Ericsson and AWS, this service leverages bare-metal design, and enables the delivery of low latency, high availability connectivity. The fourth-largest mobile network operator in the US stated that they designed Curiosity™ IoT “to solve the challenges of today and be ready for the needs of the future.” In a press release, Sprint said it will work alongside ASU…