VoIP Specialists


If you are working or interested in the VoIP technology industry and looking for some insights,  tips, and trends on the market- then these are the 10 VoIP specialists in that you should be paying attention to on social networks. The slideshow below gives you a short biographical summary of each expert. For more information and links to their social media profiles, please scroll down. [cycloneslider id=”top-ten”] Jeff Keni Pulver – VoIP Market Specialist and Entrepreneur The North American Internet entrepreneur, Jeff Keni Pulver, is the co-founder of some of the best-known companies in the VoIP market, such as Free World Dialup, MoNage, Vonage, and the Zula application. As a well-known expert and pioneer in the VoIP market, Pulver is now hosting several events focused on the future of communication, including the use of bots. In addition, he has been investing in numerous startups related to the sector. LinkedIn: /in/jpulver…