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Top 10 VoIP Specialists to Follow on Social Media

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If you are working or interested in the VoIP technology industry and looking for some insights,  tips, and trends on the market- then these are the 10 VoIP specialists in that you should be paying attention to on social networks.

The slideshow below gives you a short biographical summary of each expert. For more information and links to their social media profiles, please scroll down.

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Jeff Keni Pulver – VoIP Market Specialist and Entrepreneur

The North American Internet entrepreneur, Jeff Keni Pulver, is the co-founder of some of the best-known companies in the VoIP market, such as Free World Dialup, MoNage, Vonage, and the Zula application.

As a well-known expert and pioneer in the VoIP market, Pulver is now hosting several events focused on the future of communication, including the use of bots. In addition, he has been investing in numerous startups related to the sector.

LinkedIn: /in/jpulver
Twitter: @JeffPulver

Niklas Zennström – Founder of Skype and Entrepreneur

Together with Danish Janus Friis, the Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom founded the world’s best-known VoIP software – Skype, as well as the popular file-sharing application Kazaa, considered one of Napster’s successors.

After selling Skype to eBay, Zennström created the international venture capital firm Atomico, which has invested in companies like Supercell (games – bought by SoftBank) and The Climate Corporation (Agriculture – acquired by Monsanto) among other innovative technology companies around the world.

Niklas is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the technology market and well-known VoIP specialists, the good news is, that telecom professionals from all over the world can keep track of his thoughts on the industry through his articles on his LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn:  /niklaszennstrom

Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Office at Microsoft

With a long career at Microsoft, Satya Nadella is currently CEO of the company, which now owns Skype, purchased from the Silver Lake investment fund in 2011.

Besides writing articles on the world of Technology, Nadella also publishes articles about the future of communication on his LinkedIn profile, including information about the new upcoming Skype features. Beyond focusing on the VoIP market, the executive also uses technology to promote diversity in a very exciting way. His Twitter account is worth following as well.

Twitter: @satyanadella

Bas Kooijman – Specialist in VoIP and Cloud Computing

Along with posting interesting articles on his LinkedIn profile, the Dutch telecommunications expert, Bas Kooijman, also offers valuable reading recommendations about the industry on his Twitter account.

As one of the most valued entrepreneurs and VoIP specialists, Kooijman founded the startup VoIP in de Cloud in Breda, Netherlands, which offered cloud-based communication services. Today, he leads Brokerteam, a company that offers wholesale telecommunications solutions in partnership with telephone carriers, software manufacturers and resellers. Some of the solutions include international call termination, fixed mobile convergence, interconnections and other services.

LinkedIn: /baskooijman
Twitter: @bkooijman

Todd Nielsen – Telecom and IT Executive

Apart from being the IT executive of JMARK Business Solutions – a company specialized in IT solutions that focuses on networks and communications – Todd Nielsen publishes very interesting articles on his LinkedIn profile and offers great reading tips on his Twitter account, making him one of the most followed VoIP specialists in the world.

In 2012 and 2013, Nielson wrote for Wired – one of the world’s most prestigious technology magazines – on the most diverse topics about Cloud Computing. On the executive’s second Twitter account, which is also quite popular, he addresses different topics such as leadership, self-knowledge, and also provides lifestyle tips.

LinkedIn: /toddnielsen
Twitter 1:  @IT_ToddNielsen
Twitter 2: @toddbnielsen

Nicholas Thompson – Editor In Chief at Wired Magazine

Besides being the editor in chief of Wired, Nicholas Thompson is also contributing editor at the CNN and CBS International, where he appears on air to talks about technology and trends. Prior to that, he was the editor of the New Yorker magazine website.

With such a broad experience, it is not surprising that Thompson’s LinkedIn and Twitter channels have great popularity. In the corporate social network, it is possible to find articles about various topics, including Technology, of course. On Twitter, where his main focus is IT, he refers to numerous articles from the Wired. Both his channels are very much worth following.

LinkedIn: /nicholasxthompson
Twitter: @nxthompson

Irwin Lazar – Telecommunications Analyst

The telecommunications analyst is currently vice president and service director at Nemertes Research, where he leads research and consulting activities focused on communications. He is also responsible for the coverage of collaboration &  communications technologies, products, and services including VOIP / IPT, video, and unified communications.

Lazar frequently writes for telecom websites such as and, both of which specialize in digital communication solutions. In addition, he gives lectures at various telecom industry events such as Enterprise Connect, Interop, the Network World IT Roadmap and the Wall Street Telecom Association. Lazar is also co-chair for the WebRTC Conference- Within-a- Conference at Enterprise Connect, and

LinkedIn: /irwinlazar
Twitter: @imlazar

Blair Pleasant – President & Principal Analyst at COMMfusion

COMMfusion, a company led by Blair Pleasant, specializes in providing insights and analysis, as well as consulting services to suppliers and end customers interested in developing unified communications strategies. This includes the use of solutions such as contact center, social software, computer telephony integration (CTI), voice processing and communication convergence for emerging markets.

Moreover, Blair is also co-founder of, a website designed for players in the Telecommunications market, such as vendors, companies, system integrators or anyone else interested in the field of unified communications. On the website, you can find articles and posts about the mentioned topics, and podcasts in which the expert participates in. She is one of the few female VoIP specialists in the world.

LinkedIn: /blairpleasant
Twitter: @blairplez

José María Álvarez-Pallete – Chairman & CEO at Telefónica S.A.

If there is one division in the telecommunications sector that is undergoing profound changes, it is definitely the telephone carrier section. After all, these companies are replacing their voice-based business model for data networks. Therefore, it is important to always keep an eye on what the top executives of these companies and VoIP specialists think about the market.

José María Álvarez-Pallete, the current CEO of Spain’s Telefonica S.A, maintains an active Twitter account where he talks about telecommunications, technology, innovation, economy, among other relevant subjects. In addition, many of the topics he covers make reference to the innovations of Telefonica S.A.

Twitter: @jmalvpal

Jon Briton – EVP & President at Mitel Cloud Division

Mitel is one of the largest companies in the United States that specializes in corporate communications and develops unified solutions for business phones, contact center and Cloud – the division led by Briton, one of our favourite VoIP specialists.

You can follow him on Twitter to read news about the telecommunication market, as well as recommendations of articles written by other experts on the industry and obviously, news about Mitel. Also, since photography is one of the executive’s favorite hobbies, you can check out some of the beautiful pictures he takes during his travels.

LinkedIn: /jonbrinton


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