VoIP trends


After realizing the advantages that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can bring through, especially associated with budgets, an ever-increasing number of organizations and companies are shifting to Internet telephony services. With VoIP technology advancing at full speed, the industry is expected to grow even more this year. In view of that, providers and consumers should wisely take into consideration the following 5 VoIP trends that will define the industry in 2017. 1) 5G is around the corner Even though the imminent move from 4G to 5G technology is unlikely to occur before 2020, providers will surely start talking and making noise about it in 2017. The incorporation of 5G will bring far more benefits than just an upgrade to faster speeds. It will completely revolutionize how carriers deliver communications. Although this may not affect the speed and safety of VoIP in the office, it will bring many benefits for people…