Telecommunications equipment supplier World Telecom Labs (WTL) and a mobile virtual network operator Edpnet, have announced that the first all-VoIP network in Belgium is now live, enabling businesses to benefit from high-quality and cost effective voice services. It is stated that Edpnet has become the first operator in Belgium to make the switch from traditional ISDN to a VoIP platform, thus gaining the ability to easily add more capacity, which will ensure the company’s future growth. For this move, Edpnet has deployed WTL’s VoIP switches for its VoIP links, ensuring high call quality and an always-on network, and optimizing bandwidth capacity. Joachim Slabbaert, COO at Edpnet, said, “WTL is a technologically innovative company whose team really understand what VoIP operators want and need.  We buy from them because they do what they say – improve our network and reduce our costs. This migration is a huge milestone for our company and has…