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Stonepeak, a leading alternative investment firm specializing in infrastructure and real assets, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of a 49% interest in Cellnex Sweden and Cellnex Denmark (“Cellnex Nordics”), the Swedish and Danish operations of Cellnex Telecom (“Cellnex”), Europe’s largest independent operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure, for a total value of c. EUR 730 million, of which EUR 558 million is recognized upfront.

Cellnex, the infrastructure titan, is considering the sale of tower assets in Austria and Ireland in a push to offload financial burdens and deepen roots in the European market. This shift in focus, triggered by last year’s UK Hutch deal completion, aims for organic growth, investment-grade rating, and debt management via strategic divestments. CEO Patuano hints future cash generation post 2027 and potential interest in bidding for Deutsche Telekom’s GD Towers business, crafting a more efficient operational blueprint.

In a surprising shift, Cellnex decides to offload its private networks niche to Boldyn Networks, refocusing its operations back to its base business of towers. This comes despite previously earmarking the private networks sector as critical for growth and the Superlative successes recorded by Edzcom, the Finnish-based firm that designs and runs 4G and 5G networks. This transition aims to trim the company’s debt. In contrast, Boldyn Networks is ready to capitalize on the promising growth in 5G private networks, projected to hit $109.4 billion by 2030.

The telecommunications realm of Sweden and Denmark is on the brink of a substantial transformation, with Stonepeak’s impending acquisition of a 49% stake in Cellnex Nordics. Despite alterations in ownership, operational management remains with Cellnex. However, the agreement awaits regulatory approval, with full expectancy of completion by Q1 2024. The funding injection is anticipated to bolster Cellnex’s debt reduction strategy, aiming for a coveted S&P investment grade credit rating. Both parties share a positive outlook, viewing this step as critical in Cellnex’s broader shift towards consolidation.

Cellnex, an esteemed telecom infrastructure supplier, is collaborating with Forever Manchester to foster digital inclusion, introducing two funds focused on nurturing related projects across Manchester. Reflecting the principles of the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Strategy, these funds could support various efforts such as improving online access for job seekers or distributing recycled computers.

Cellnex, the Spanish infrastructure giant, is rumored to be considering a sale of a minority stake in its Nordic operations, specifically Sweden and Denmark. With nearly €1 billion at stake, this move aligns with earlier sentiments expressed by CEO Marco Patuano. Combining this potential sale with recent acquisitions, loan procurements and collaborations, Cellnex aims to streamline its operations, tackle its massive debts and redefine its strategy for the European tower infrastructure market. Let’s delve deeper into the winding paths and potential outcomes at the upcoming Total Telecom Congress.

Cellnex Telecom, a Spanish wireless telecommunications infrastructure and services company, and Everynet, a leading LPWA pioneer and network operator, have signed an agreement to deploy IoT networks in Italy, the UK and Ireland based on LoRaWAN technology. The IoT networks will utilize the Cellnex infrastructure in these three countries, and will be dependent on the Everynet network solution. Cellnex not only provides towers, but also has its own IoT management platform. For data collection, Cellnex will provide an integrated IoT platform for real-time management and diagnostics, and the platform also includes the ability to immediately act predictively or preventively, manually or automatically. In addition, Everynet will be responsible for providing and managing the LoRaWAN network infrastructure. Both companies have stated the network will be available for a wide range of IoT devices and use-cases, including industry 4.0 services for asset tracking or monitoring, as well as smart cities…

Spanish wireless infrastructure giant Cellnex Telecom has acquired the Portuguese telecommunications tower and site operator OMTEL, owned by Altice Europe and Belmont Infra Holding. This agreement is worth around EUR 800 million, and the acquisition includes the projected deployment of 400 new mobile cell sites in the next four years, adding to the 3,000 sites that OMTEL currently operates in Portugal. Cellnex said that to facilitate the upcoming 5G roll-out in Portugal, the company has been rapidly expanding, and its build-to-suit (BTS) program could involve constructing a further 350 sites for third parties by 2027. The estimated investment for this BTS plan is expected to be EUR 140 million. The Spanish towerco anticipates that this acquisition will increase the company’s sales backlog by EUR 2.5 billion to EUR 38.5 billion. Tobias Martinez, CEO of Cellnex, said, “With OMTEL, we are not only integrating one of the leading independent…

Phoenix Tower International’s acquisition of NOVEC’s German unit offers a lucrative entry point into a high-potential European market, despite a downturn in mergers and acquisitions within the tower sector. This pivotal move solidifies Phoenix Tower’s expansion strategy, leveraging Germany’s stature as Europe’s largest economy and a global wireless build-out hub. Intriguingly, Phoenix’s bold move contrasts with rivals like Cellnex, who have curbed spending due to financial pressures. This daring feat underscores the fluidity and continuous evolution in the telecommunications infrastructure sector.