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CityFibre’s new, True Gig provides a 1.2 Gbps wholesale service, aiming to clear the haze in UK telecommunications advertising and help ISPs deliver gigabit broadband services to their customers. This offering not only circumvents stringent advertising regulations but also supports CityFibre’s vision of an honest high-speed fibre network. The question posed is, will this clear the muddy waters of broadband advertising while promoting a fibre revolution in the UK?

CityFibre teams up with four civil engineering firms to aid challenging fibre infrastructure projects in the UK, courtesy of recent government funding. This alliance hastens fibre infrastructure development across several counties, marking Cambridgeshire as the initial rollout area. Noteworthy, however, is the lack of equivalent high-speed, Gigabit-capable infrastructure in these areas before. Although progress has been steady with Project Gigabit, this new venture signals a grand advancement towards achieving nationwide high-speed connectivity.

CityFibre’s full fibre network in the UK now reaches 3 million premises, a rapid expansion when considering it connected 2 million just a year earlier. Recent key milestones include securing wayleave permissions and financial support totalling nearly half a billion pounds. Technological strides include the market launch of its XGS-PON service offering potential speeds up to 10Gbps. As these advancements continue to transform broadband, stay tuned for updates.

UK-based CityFibre has acquired a significant £318 million in public funding, aiming to increase high-speed broadband access nationwide. Supported by the government’s Project Gigabit, funds were awarded for bring fibre connectivity to selected regions needing better broadband access. A challenging and expensive task, especially in rural areas, but this initiative could shine a beacon of connected hope. Is the government’s £5 billion goal achievable? Read on to explore the potential impact of this massive contribution to rural telecommunications.

Unveiling a concerning revelation in the telecommunications network, inside sources disclose that a vast number of personnel are bypassing “whereabouts rules”, exposing client companies to potential cyber threats. Learn about the delicate balance between accountability and security as we explore the disquieting trend and potential remedies within this intricate reality.

Welcoming Nokia’s latest innovation — the 25G Passive Optical Network (PON) starter kit. Aimed at enhancing 10Gbs+ deployments, the kit empowers operators to expedite high-speed connectivity for diverse businesses. With the capacity to connect up to ten businesses, this move is amplifying the importance of 10Gbs business connectivity globally. Utilizing existing fiber assets, it offers unique prospect for delivering exceptional speeds to different enterprises, from schools to farms. Discussing the transformation this 25G PON technology brings, we delve into the views of industry insiders and parallel innovations in the works.

Formulating the future of UK’s internet, Building Digital UK (BDUK) triggers the procurement process under the £5 billion Project Gigabit framework. Their ambitious objective: accelerate gigabit-speed broadband coverage to capture a minimum of 85% of premises by 2025. However, there’s a twist in the tale, as reaching remote regions still poses a formidable challenge.