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Virgin Media Business Wholesale, a division of Virgin Media O2, has significantly upgraded the Manchester Equinix MA5 data center with advanced high-capacity fibre routes, enhancing connectivity in Manchester and the broader north of England. This upgrade positions the Manchester MA5 as a crucial node within Virgin Media Business Wholesale’s extensive network, which includes over 160 data centers across the UK.

Virgin Media O2, a leading British broadband and mobile operator, in collaboration with its shareholder Liberty Global, has embarked on a pioneering venture with the introduction of its Smart Pole Trial. This innovative project sees the deployment of 4G and 5G-capable smart poles across the UK, aimed at enhancing mobile network coverage and capacity significantly.

In the realm of mobile communication, Virginie Debris stands as a seasoned expert, navigating the evolution from ringtones to Rich Communication Services (RCS). With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, she recently captivated audiences at Mobile World Congress, delving into RCS’s transformative potential. In this exclusive interview, Virginie sheds light on her journey and shares invaluable insights into the future of messaging.

In a significant boost to rural connectivity, Virgin Media O2 has recently achieved a landmark in the Shared Rural Network (SRN) initiative by completing upgrades or constructing 100 sites under its management. This development is set to offer unprecedented mobile coverage quality to rural communities, benefiting not just its own customers but also those of Three and Vodafone, thanks to a collaborative effort to enhance infrastructure.

In the United Kingdom, a significant transition is underway as the nation shifts from traditional analogue landline services to modern, IP-based digital systems. This change, mirroring a global trend towards digital communication solutions, aims to enhance service quality for the majority of consumers. However, it has raised concerns for certain vulnerable groups who depend on the older technology and may face challenges, particularly during power outages, which could impact their ability to reach emergency services.

Forging a powerful alliance, Virgin Media O2 and Tesco affirm a ten-year extension of their two decade-long partnership, potentially marking a new era for Tesco Mobile, UK’s leading mobile virtual network operator. With over 5.5 million customers, and a recent 9.4% increase in sales generating £970 million in revenues, this joint venture shows no signs of slowing down.

In a bid to promote digital inclusion and ease the financial burden on its customers, Virgin Media O2, the UK’s second-largest telecoms operator, has taken significant steps to raise awareness of social tariffs. The company, with a customer base of 5 million broadband and TV users, is now including information on its Essential Broadband and Essential Broadband Plus tariffs in the monthly bills of all its customers.

Virgin Media O2’s decision to offload part of its Corneridge UK towers business to GLIL Infrastructure for £360 million marks a key shift in telecom infrastructure ownership. However, this move falls short of industry valuations, indicating price reductions in the investment market. Despite this, VMO2 retains operational and strategic control in this critical asset, striving to enhance 4G connectivity and intensify 5G rollout. This move aligns with the firm’s wider strategy, marking the start of a potentially transformative series of ambitious deals, lightening its footprint while driving growth.