Apple's recent unveiling of four new iPhone 15 models, with prices starting from £799, highlights the company's steady stream of innovation. Gadgets

Apple’s recent unveiling of four new iPhone models, with prices starting from £799, highlights the company’s steady stream of innovation. This release has also stirred debate among smartphone enthusiasts questioning the extent of the innovations, especially considering the premium pricing. Despite predicted criticism, Apple maintains its market dominance by committing to incremental upgrades, asserting a commitment to environmental responsibility, and boasting durable, low-bug products.

United States electronics titan Apple finds itself in a tense tug of war, striving to be self-reliant, yet tied to Qualcomm. Gadgets

Apple’s pursuit of self-reliance in 5G technology is put to the test as it continues its reliance on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G Modem‑RF Systems till 2026. Despite acquiring Intel’s modem segment after a failed business collaboration, Apple’s efforts to create an in-house 5G modem cast doubt on its separation from Qualcomm. The competition intensifies with Huawei’s claim of a successful 5G modem design, amidst the encroaching discussions on 6G technology.

Google has slated October 4th for the grand debut of its latest Pixel phones and the eagerly anticipated Pixel Watch. Gadgets

In a bid to keep pace with the recent barrage of tech revelations from its contemporaries, Google has slated October 4th for the grand debut of its latest Pixel phones and the eagerly anticipated Pixel Watch. In a communiqué dispatched to media representatives today, the corporation revealed that the upcoming Made by Google event, synonymous with its in-house hardware premieres, is scheduled for New York City, with the keynote kickoff pegged at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

Deutsche Telekom is collaborating with Google to develop and release their own low-cost branded tablet, the T Tablet. Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom and Google venture into tablet manufacturing, pinning their hopes on the affordable “T Tablet”. Designed for digital learning, this device blends advanced hardware, potent software, and network capabilities. Aiming at a wider 5G access, it also targets narrowing the digital divide. The tablet’s debut could spark new conversations about digitization in the education sector and beyond.

The Biden Administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan harbors a significant investment in US chip production. Gadgets

The Biden Administration’s ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure plan injects considerable capital into US chip production, with the aim of bolstering national security and reducing reliance on foreign manufacturers. Last year, the US produced only 12% of the world’s chips, highlighting a dependency on international manufacturers, primarily in Asia. Intel emerges as a key beneficiary of this investment, declaring over $43.5 billion towards manufacturing units across the US. Yet, for some companies, the journey remains fraught with caution as they await the federal funding.