Exploring Deutsche Telekom’s Pioneering Leap into Tablet Manufacturing

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Deutsche Telekom is collaborating with Google to develop and release their own low-cost branded tablet, the T Tablet. Customers can acquire this tablet for a mere €1 when bought together with the Magenta Mobile or Data plans, or alternatively purchase it outright for €219. This device marks Deutsche Telekom’s first foray into the realm of tablet manufacturing, supplementing their existing catalogue of self-branded phones.

The tablet is set to be released on August 24th, in locations such as Germany, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, northern Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia and the US. Interestingly, T-Mobile, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary in the US, has decided to rebrand the tablet as REVVL.

The T Tablet comes equipped with a 10.4-inch screen and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. With a dual SIM feature, it’s also configured to support micro-SD card expansion, allowing its initial build of 128 GB internal storage to rocket to 2 TB if need be. To add to the package, a 100 GB Google One cloud storage is free for the initial three months. This partnership with Google illustrates a coherent unification of hardware, software, and network to facilitate 5G access for everyone.

The product seems to be heavily skewed towards the younger demographic. With access to Google Kids Space available on certain Android devices, a strong emphasis is put on the importance of ‘digital learning’ and accessibility of affordable devices for students. Dr Christian Loefert, Head of Marketing Communications, Training and Mobile Devices at Telekom Deutschland, reiterates this vision, stating, “With the new T Tablet, we are taking another important step toward making the network of the future accessible to everyone – and at a very affordable price.” He emphasizes the intent to help everyone benefit from the expanding 5G network and to use the T Tablet as a tool to boost digitisation in the education sector.

Parallel to the new tablet, Deutsche Telekom is also set to release new models of the T Phone, boasting a new colour, greater ROM memory, NFC capabilities, an updated front camera, and the Android 13 operating system, available from August 24th for €1 with certain plans.

The decision to market hardware at a low cost as a loss leader mirrors tactics seen in the sphere of tech, such as in the gaming console market. At a time when governments worldwide emphasise low-cost access to the internet to bridge the ‘digital divide’, this move aligns Deutsche Telekom with a broader, socially conscious ethos. In a world fraught with economic upheavals, the new T Tablet not only underscores Deutsche Telekom’s bid to embrace the digital future, but also their commitment to democratise access to digital technology.

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