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T-Mobile US’s reported negotiations with Tillman FiberCo to utilize their fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) infrastructure could significantly shape the retail fiber market. T-Mobile previously expressed interest in the fiber broadband sector, and partnering with Tillman could mitigate potential expenses of such endeavor. This potential venture aligns with Tillman’s recent strategic alliance with Northleaf Capital Partners, pooling $200 million for the FTTP rollout. While coverage plans remain unclear, this project is likely substantial and may lead to T-Mobile formally stepping into the fiber broadband landscape.

In a significant development aimed at bolstering fiber access across the United States, Zyxel Communication, a leading provider of secure broadband networking solutions, has joined forces with Windstream to supply essential WiFi 6E hardware for their 8 gig expansion. This collaboration marks a major milestone for both companies, as they strive to bring high-speed internet connectivity to underserved communities in Windstream’s 18-state service area.

As the UK’s fibre landscape intensifies with rising competition, leading players are racing to expand gigabit-capable broadband nationwide. Noteworthy, alternative network providers, referred to as “AltNets”, are displaying proactive strategies to swiftly deploy networks. On the other hand, traditional companies are recognising opportunities in fibre rollout, as seen in Openreach’s pricing approach of their wholesale lines.

Telefonica and Entel are poised to merge their fiber infrastructure in Peru, with KKR being the expected majority stakeholder, following Telefonica’s previous success in other Latin American markets. This move anticipates significant expansion of Peru’s high-speed connectivity by leveraging KKR’s successful fiber ventures in Chile and Colombia, amidst the industry’s race to a digitally-empowered future. Details of the deal remain discreet as it awaits regulatory approval.

Tamares Telecom partners with Grid Telecom to create ANDROMEDA, a subsea optical fiber cable system connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, aiming to establish a new telecommunications corridor between Europe and the Middle East. This strategic alliance offers enhanced connectivity, network diversity, and low latency for wholesale customers across the region.