Google has a long history of secretly working on complex, high-tech projects, and the company has disclosed yet another such initiative.   Aalyria, a new telecom company, was introduced on Monday. Within Google, it was known by the code name “Minkowski.” Despite the lack of precise information, sources claim that the company has been developing software for satellite-based, high-speed communications networks.   Aalyria stated in a media release that its goal is to manage extremely fast, remarkably secure, and highly complicated communication systems that span land, sea, air, near space and deep space. However, Google declined to disclose information about Aalyria, including how long it has been developing the technology and how many employees are joining the startup.   The Loon group’s software will be converted by Aalyria experts into a cloud-based system for controlling intricate networks that link high-speed Internet to objects such as satellites, aircraft and ships.  …