Apple iOS 13 Launch Confirmed: 5 iPhone Security Features Coming This Month As the tech company that really cares about its user’s privacy, Apple attempts to differentiate itself from Facebook, Google and Amazon, and is bringing a number of massive improvements to the company’s iOS operating system this month. One of the biggest improvements is that the security enhanced Apple iOS 13 will not let Facebook and WhatsApp apps run VoIP in the background when the programs aren’t actively in use. Also, the system will send alerts about any apps that track user’s location and let an app access the location only once. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/y4w8rj92 Samsung’s Exynos 980 chip is a processor and 5G modem in one The Korean tech giant has introduced its first 5G-integrated mobile chipset Exynos 980. This AI mobile processor combines a 5G modem and mobile application processor in a single chip, thus allowing…