Alternate network operators, the so-called ‘altnets’, are on the cusp of revolutionizing digital infrastructure with their subscriber-tailored fibre networks. Brand trust and consistency are crucial in this venture, eyeing lifelong monetization rather than mere reach. This extends beyond merely providing a network ‘highway’, enhancing user experiences. While speed and pricing have been traditional differentiators, custom in-home experiences are now taking the spotlight.

When it comes to digitization strategies, providing superior customer service is paramount, a concept particularly relevant in the telecom field. Saudi Telecom Company (stc), underlines this belief by revitalizing its customer experience through a strategic collaboration with Huawei. Transforming its big data platform into a Customer-Centric Platform (CCP), offers a unified view of customer data, leading to enhanced marketing segmentation and customization. Improved efficiency and data value are already showing dividends with marked reduction in customer churn and accelerated return on investment.

In a groundbreaking move, Genesys, a pioneer in AI-powered experience orchestration, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Salesforce, the leading AI CRM provider. This partnership aims to revolutionize the way businesses manage their data, agents, bots, and communication channels to create more intelligent end-to-end experiences for both customers and employees.

Five9, the renowned provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, has unveiled its plans to acquire Aceyus, a prominent player in advanced data integration and analytics. The announcement comes as Five9 continues to bolster its capabilities and expand its market presence in the realm of customer experience solutions. Aceyus is recognized for its comprehensive suite of pre-built integrations, which enable the aggregation of data from various sources.

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has unveiled its groundbreaking product, Experiences, a generative AI-powered journey builder that empowers businesses to engage customers, foster loyalty, and accelerate growth. This innovative no-code platform offers organizations a comprehensive library of AI-powered journey templates tailored to their unique business needs, spanning from onboarding and engagement to retention and loyalty.

Five9, a cloud contact center provider, has unveiled new capabilities that assist companies in providing customers with a more engaging and unified experience across digital and voice channels, and between virtual and live agents. At the same time, this updated software maximizes the value of the data collected from the contact centers.   Among the newly released features are rich media for digital and audio channels, multi-modal engagement options, language translation in real-time, improved developer tools for Five9 IVA Studio users, and integrated analytics to optimize interactions. These improvements provide businesses with the ability to plan and carry out client journeys that take the most direct and tailored route possible across multiple channels.   By taking advantage of the Five9 digital experience powered by Five9 Digital IVA and Five9 Messenger, clients may send and receive digital content such as photographs, documents, videos and audio, as well as use buttons to…

Avaya, a worldwide technology firm that specializes in cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions, has teamed up with Merchants, a customer management partner focusing on the business process outsourcing market. Together, the two companies will launch Total Experience, a cloud-based, multi-channel customer experience platform that will better empower local businesses to fulfill the ever-changing demands of their consumers.   The Merchants’ and Avaya’s partnership will help companies to provide the Total Experience platform to their consumers through a subscription-based, all-inclusive, easy-to-manage solution. This will allow the two companies to launch new services more quickly and with a lower total cost of ownership and a higher return on investment.   Merchants will host a variety of Avaya OneCloud portfolio products and make them available to companies via a cloud-based subscription model, allowing enterprises to acquire the capacity and services they demand on an as-needed basis without incurring large upfront expenses.  …

The greatest motivation to move forward is to see your own company as your biggest competitor, says Yaniv Masjedi, a visionary and compelling marketing leader at Nextiva. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer since 2008, Yaniv Masjedi has been working to create strategies that drive awareness, strengthen the Nextiva brand, and share the story of the company’s unique customer-centric culture, known as “Amazing Service”. Yaniv Masjedi also initiates and manages programs related to brand management, demand generation and advertising. Read the full interview with this marketing guru to discover his core business principles, what drives the growth of a company, and what are the key factors in measuring success. My career began in sales, and having that background helped me tremendously when I decided to take the leap into marketing. With my sales background, I’m always thinking about how I can improve the experience for prospects, customers, and our sales…