The Ethiopian government is once again inviting global operators to bid for its lucrative telecom license, stirring intrigue within the global telecom community. Will the Ethiopian Communications Authority’s (ECA) revamp strategy succeed this time, especially considering the previous subpar offers? While this market opportunity boasts a burgeoning economy and promising regulatory developments, interested parties face rigorous competition and potential operation setbacks.

Two of the main key players in South African mobile operators, MTN and Vodacom, have shown interest in investing in the Ethiopian company Ethio Telecom. Both companies have invested in many countries on the continent. Ethiopia was not one of them as the government wanted to keep this sector under its control. But their policy is changing and they have decided to consider opening Ethio Telecom’s capital to investors. According to MTN, “Ethiopia presents many exciting telecommunication opportunities and we look forward to further discussions with that nation’s authorities on potential partnerships and opportunities.” and Vodacam stated that it “has said on many occasions that Ethiopia is an attractive market so it follows that there would be interest. Naturally this is dependent on what might become available and if it fits within our investment parameters.” Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian new Prime Minister, came to power with promises of reforms. This policy…