VoIP is an intriguing technology with an interesting history. There is no doubt that VoIP, a remarkable and transformative technology, offers countless benefits to businesses. We have gathered several interesting facts to help you get familiarized with VoIP and its benefits.  Here is a list of facts about VoIP you might have missed.     The first VoIP call was made in 1973. The call used an early version of the Internet called ARPANET and it was carried out as a part of a communication experiment.     The first VoIP call was made between the Institute of Information Sciences and the Lincoln Laboratory in the United States.     The first VoIP call in 1973 was a little disappointing, as it was one-sided. The first two-way communications via VoIP took place in 1974, just a year later.     VoIP was originally funded by ads. In the 1990s,…