The current telecommunications market is abundant with a variety of business phone systems carefully designed to improve day-to-day communications and handle the complex needs of various organizations. Among the different existing types of telephone systems appropriate for use by small-to-medium size businesses, VoIP-related phone solutions are currently the most common and are growing in popularity. VoIP phone systems operate using broadband Internet connections and generally include quick and easy installation, cost effective pricing, high scalability and advanced features with options to cater to any entity size, ranging from a small business to a multi-service enterprise. A comprehensive VoIP solution should include a range of voice functions needed by the organization, and support both external and internal communications as required. Finding the most suitable phone system may be overwhelming, so for those currently on the lookout, here are the top ten VoIP phone systems to investigate. Nextiva VoIP Software…

The city of Kitchener, in Canada, Ontario, is home of a new app called OpenPhone. Its ambition is to help small entrepreneurs stopping the blurred line between private and business phone calls. Many services already exist in this specific field, like Phone.com or Grasshopper, but OpenPhone’s main feature is to simplify the process and focus and ease of use. As of today, the app let user share one phone number across several phone, using VoIP technology. Still in its beta version and available on the Appstore since January, the company expects to launch in a couple of months a final version. An Android version hit the Google platform in June. OpenPhone will allow customers to make concurrent calls on several devices, transcribed voicemail and call forwarding. This way, small businesses will have the opportunity to have a better communication between customers and entrepreneurs.