VMO2 is set to bolster its workforce with 200 new roles, an exciting prospect for those seeking to embark on careers in the dynamic telecommunications industry. While this initiative presents a pathway to cultivating vital skills and qualifications, the telecom giant’s stride in employment growth seems to have slowed following last year’s ambitious pledge.

In the wake of a profound digital transformation, businesses are strategically navigating the evolving landscape of generative artificial intelligence (genAI), propelling them into a new era of adaptability and innovation. The surge in genAI-related job postings, as reported by GlobalData’s Job Analytics Database, reflects a growing commitment among companies to stay relevant and competitive in this dynamic environment.

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency and payment start-up, Ripple, is hoping to boost up the adoption of blockchain technology. They decided to donate $50 millions to 17 universities and colleges throughout the U.S.A. in order to promote blockchain. One of the main reasons is the need for jobs in that technology field as 4500 job openings were including the terms “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” into their descriptions on LinkedIn. Thus universities like the M.I.T. or the University of North Carolina will get a chunk of this donation. Eric van Miltenburg, Senior Vice-President of business operations at Ripple sent an email stating, “As globalization increases, so does the demand for technological solutions and talent to solve the world’s hardest financial problems, such as retail remittances.” Ripple’s technology surrounding the cryptocurrency XRP could be a part of some studies and projects by universities, despite not being an obligation according to the company. For the…

In a strange turn of events, the American government has been instructed by President Trump, to help Chinese tech giant ZTE Corp. The problems started for ZTE when they were caught shipping U.S. goods to Iran. The U.S. Commerce Department then prevented U.S. companies from doing any trade with ZTE. This decision literally crippled the company, forcing Donald Trump to step in and take a decision. In a recent tweet President Trump expressed its concerns and his will to find a solution. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/995680316458262533 The ban on doing trade with U.S. companies is supposed to last seven years. ZTE already paid a $1.2 billion in fine for that case. Recently, American delegations in visit in China were asked about this issue by Chinese officials, leading to Trump’s decision. ZTE currently employs 70,000 people, and earlier this month, it had to put on hold its main operations.