Linxa, a provider of cutting-edge voice and data traffic solutions for telecom carriers and operators, has announced the implementation of Linxa Connect, which will enable Arelion (previously Telia Carrier) to revolutionize its wholesale voice business.   Linxa Connect is a fully integrated end-to-end telecom management software product that supports and automates wholesale activities, from rate control through routing, quality and deal management, invoicing, dispute management, fraud detection and reporting. The Linxa Connect platform enables an increasing number of Tier-1 carriers’ profitable voice businesses and supports solutions that provide these enterprises with what they need to stay competitive, such as simplicity, automation, control and agility. By leveraging Linxa Connect, Arelion has been able to replace three outdated systems with a single platform, as well as improve automation and business processes. End-to-end functionalities are streamlined and more accurate, and procedures include grading, routing, quality and deal management, invoicing, reconciliation, dispute management,…