DIDWW, an Irish-based telecom operator providing global telecommunication services, has enabled free outbound calling to COVID-19 hotlines to help collaboration amid widespread coronavirus lockdowns. The company said that all customers using DIDWW outbound trunks and virtual DID numbers as caller IDs can now access local COVID-19 hotlines at no additional charge in 17 countries. Lina Zaboras, CEO of DIDWW, said, “DIDWW leverages and opens up its global access to local telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate another essential service. While enabling local dialing to emergency and short numbers is quite challenging in the VoIP industry, we are successfully expanding these services with the latest addition of local dialing to COVID-19 hotlines over our global VoIP infrastructure. We encourage our wholesale customers to enable the access and route these calls for their end-users with the mission-critical DIDWW global network, free of charge.” In a statement, DIDWW noted that so far, they…