In an effort to bridge the digital divide in south and east London, the ‘Sub-regional Digital Infrastructure Strategy’ has been proposed. Over 156,000 premises in these areas lack comprehensive digital coverage, creating what is known as a ‘not spot.’ The strategy seeks to rectify this through interactive tools, infrastructure rollouts, and increased commercial investment, in a bid to transform London’s digital landscape.

EE is the first mobile operator to launch a 5G network trial site in the UK. The BT owned telco has based its testing predominantly using Huawei network equipment, coupled with the 3.4GHz spectrum it bought at the UK communications regulator (Ofcom) auction. The aim of this trial is to evaluate the behavior and performance of 5G technology in real-life settings outside of the testing lab. The initial trial is located in the Montgomery Square area of Canary Wharf, London, where more than 150,000 people pass through on a daily basis. It might seem strange that a practical trial has been started with no commercially available 5G devices, but the end goal is to evaluate the 5G spectrum and to test devices for performance, speed and coverage in areas with traditionally high 4G mobile network usage. “This live trial is a big step forward in making the benefits…

5G will be available for trial in seven cities across the UK. Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and London were selected to run the tests on the upcoming network. Those new infrastructures will be running the new 5G at the end of 2018 between October and December. Earlier this year, Vodafone paid £378 million, to get 50Mhz of the 3.4GHz spectrum. Nick Jeffery, Vodafone’s chief executive stated, “We want to make 5G and new fibre broadband services available to consumers and business throughout the UK, delivering a Gigabit society for all. We will also be bringing ultra-fast 4G to several hundred sites in hard to reach rural areas this year, building on our position as the network that offers the best voice coverage in the UK.” Vodafone’s goal is to launch a full 5G service in the UK by 2020, when 5G devices will be available on the market.

The 2017 IP EXPO Europe was the greatest IT conference of the year for CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight, tech experts and organizations looking to innovate and evolve through technology. Focusing on six IT themes, the event’s 12th edition brought together more than 300 exhibitors from different parts of the technology sector and 300 free seminar sessions at ExCel in London on 4 and 5 of October. Across both days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the main topic of discussion, with Stuart Russell, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkley and AI-pioneer providing powerful insights on the reality of AI and whether or not we, as humans, should be concerned about its evolution. “It seems very likely that at some point we will have machines that are more intelligent than human beings,” said Professor Russell in one of his presentations. However, AI wasn’t the…