In a comprehensive analysis conducted by MedUX, a connectivity testing firm, Berlin emerged as the front-runner in providing the best 5G experience across major European cities. The study, which encompassed extensive testing in cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Porto, Rome, Madrid, Munich, and London, highlighted Berlin’s superior performance in data and over-the-top (OTT) experiences, alongside its impressive overall score of 4.69 out of 5.

In a fiercely competitive telecom landscape, where operators strive to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for fast, accessible, and reliable 5G networks and services, MedUX, a leader in international fixed and mobile network testing and benchmarking, has released exclusive research on 5G performance in the UK’s capital. This comprehensive report reveals  that EE not only leads in 5G reliability but also is able to provide the overall finest Quality of Experience (QoE) in London, with a score of 4.61 out of 5.