Berlin Tops 5G Experience in Europe, London Lags Behind

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In a comprehensive analysis conducted by MedUX, a connectivity testing firm, Berlin emerged as the front-runner in providing the best 5G experience across major European cities. The study, which encompassed extensive testing in cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Porto, Rome, Madrid, Munich, and London, highlighted Berlin’s superior performance in data and over-the-top (OTT) experiences, alongside its impressive overall score of 4.69 out of 5.

The research, carried out during the second and third quarters of the previous year, involved MedUX personnel driving more than 4,000 kilometers to evaluate the 5G networks in these cities meticulously. The evaluation focused on several key aspects of 5G technology, including coverage, speed, and reliability, offering a detailed insight into the current state of 5G connectivity in Europe.

Porto stood out for its exceptional coverage, reaching 90%, while Milan was recognized for its reliability, with a remarkable 99.91% rate of successful internet sessions. However, it was Berlin that stole the spotlight with its swift loading times and robust overall performance.

Conversely, London found itself at the bottom of the rankings, particularly struggling with average user speeds of 143 Mbps—a stark contrast to Lisbon and Porto’s speeds of 528 Mbps and 446 Mbps, respectively. Rafael Galarreta, MedUX’s chief marketing officer, shed light on the challenges faced by the UK in an interview with CNBC. He pointed to the country’s network speed and accessibility, along with network responsiveness, as areas where the UK notably falls short.

Galarreta also suggested that the UK’s decision to exclude Huawei from its 5G infrastructure might have contributed to London’s disappointing performance. He explained that this decision, coming after the initial deployment, likely hindered the city’s network coverage, availability, and overall user experience.

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