In the quest for digital transformation, Huawei, at MWC Shanghai 2023, introduced groundbreaking ICT and software innovations. Bruce Xun, Huawei’s Vice President, emphasized the company’s intention to construct robust networks with global carriers while focusing on creating intelligent digital talent. Embracing the dual-E concept, Huawei is striving for a green, efficient integration looking to reduce carbon emissions and enhance user experience.

At the recent “5G Business Dialogue” during MWC Shanghai 2023, industry champions pondered on the positive impact of 5G adoption four years after its commercial introduction. Notably, it now makes up 10% of total revenue for China’s three providers. Furthermore, Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) services are noting considerable success due to swift user migration and industrial digitization. Innovation strides such as the Naked-eye 3D and 5G New Calling reflect the telecom sector’s future. However, with increasing Pan-Asian 5G uptake, the dialogue also ventured into the idea of “5.5G”, envisioned as a natural progression from its precursor. It’s intriguing to anticipate further transformative innovations within this industry.

Sneak peek into Mobile World Congress 2023 Mobile World Congress, Europe’s largest telecommunications trade event, kicks off next week, and the major European carrier organizations have provided an early glimpse at what they will display. While many companies are selling and presenting various topics at the event, the primary themes appear to be the metaverse and 5G, with few practical use cases and some unique concepts such as how operators are exploiting APIs on their networks. The show might also include high-resolution ideas of driverless cars and self-driving drones. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/bdhhndbn Ericsson to cut 1,400 jobs in Sweden Ericsson, a telecoms equipment vendor, has revealed its intentions to decrease its staff in Sweden by around 1,400 individuals as part of massive cost-cutting initiatives. The decision followed an agreement reached with trade unions to conduct a voluntary redundancy program. Ericsson presently employs around 15,000 individuals in Sweden and 100,000…

Spain approves entry for MWC participants  The organizers of the Mobile World Congress 2021, which will take place in Barcelona this summer, have received much-needed good news from the Spanish government. Spain currently bans “non-essential” travel to and from non-EU/Schengen countries. But the GCMA, which manages the MWC, has announced that people who have registered for the event will be classified as “highly skilled workers” and therefore will be excused from this restriction. The GSMA intends to provide the Spanish authorities with details of all registrants and registrants will also be provided with a confirmation of participation.  Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/35z7nub5 Lumen signs a deal with T-Mobile US Lumen Technologies has taken a major step in expanding its latest edge computing service with a new deal with T-Mobile US. This agreement will allow Lumen to receive access to the operator’s 5G network to reach more of the company’s customers. The…