T-Mobile US hacked and tried paying off the hackers Following a cyberattack last year in which the personal data of 30 million customers was stolen, US-based T-Mobile appears to have attempted to repurchase the stolen data. A third party contacted the hackers and paid them $200,000 to keep the information from leaking, but they sold it  anyway. The data was allegedly sold on RaidForums, which appears to be an online pirate market. The US Department of Justice has issued an indictment against Diogo Santos Coelho, the site’s administrator. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/395n4z87 SK Telecom teams up with Morph Interactive on metaverse functions SK Telecom has launched a new collaboration with Morph Interactive, a Seoul-based company specializing in computer system design and three-dimensional motion graphics. The two businesses have signed a strategic partnership deal in which SK Telecom will purchase an undisclosed interest in Morph Interactive and collaborate to create additional…