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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #15

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T-Mobile US hacked and tried paying off the hackers

Following a cyberattack last year in which the personal data of 30 million customers was stolen, US-based T-Mobile appears to have attempted to repurchase the stolen data. A third party contacted the hackers and paid them $200,000 to keep the information from leaking, but they sold it  anyway. The data was allegedly sold on RaidForums, which appears to be an online pirate market. The US Department of Justice has issued an indictment against Diogo Santos Coelho, the site’s administrator.

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SK Telecom teams up with Morph Interactive on metaverse functions

SK Telecom has launched a new collaboration with Morph Interactive, a Seoul-based company specializing in computer system design and three-dimensional motion graphics. The two businesses have signed a strategic partnership deal in which SK Telecom will purchase an undisclosed interest in Morph Interactive and collaborate to create additional capabilities for the Ifland metaverse platform. The new features will include the ability for user avatars to interact with objects, and the introduction of minigames that may be played alone or with other users in the same virtual environment.

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Broadvoice announces new offer for its b-hive Cloud PBX 

Broadvoice’s Broadvoice b-hive Cloud PBX interaction with the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub now includes a Virtual Seat option, with remote users being able to make and receive calls on their existing mobile devices using the Teams app. No desk phone, softphone or mobile app is necessary to take advantage of this service. The Virtual b-hive Seat for Teams adds unlimited domestic calls and a feature-rich PBX to Microsoft Teams, transforming Teams into a unified communications platform. The service is enabled natively within Teams and is made available via Direct Routing.

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Nextiva announces NextivaONE

Nextiva, a cloud communications business, has announced NextivaONE, a new partner program aimed to help channel partners and clients expand their potential. The program will be phased in over the course of 2022, with new capabilities becoming accessible to partners as soon as they become available. NextivaONE was founded on the premise of allowing partners to flourish by using their preferred growth methods and aligning Nextiva resources to help them succeed.

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Intel releases a plan to reach net-zero 

Intel has proposed a strategy to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The corporation has promised to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of its products. Intelt will also collaborate with consumers and industry partners to develop goods that lower its carbon impact. This initiative  includes using 100% renewable electricity across all worldwide enterprises and investing around $300 million in energy saving programs.

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