Net Neutrality


The FCC has set the wheels in motion to reinstate open internet protections, sparking dynamic public conversations around net neutrality. They aim to frame both fixed and mobile broadband as imperative telecommunication services by the Communications Act. This move could effectively address the recurring issue of broadband outages impacting significant sectors like jobs, education, healthcare, safety, and more. However, the proposal doesn’t stop there, it also plans to ensure stringent nationwide open internet regulations to prevent ISPs from manipulating content accessibility based on payment.

The term net neutrality, which pops up in Internet debate every few years, is the belief that all data on the Internet should be treated the same way by the Internet service providers (ISPs) and governments that regulate most of the Internet. The term suggests that there should be no discrimination and prices should not depend on user, content, website, platform, or application. There is always an uproar about the subject every time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submits a new rule on the topic, but then the matter quickly fades away. This ongoing cycle has resulted in tired businesses and consumers that have become insensitive towards the issue. However, they must not forget that most businesses now rely on the Internet for various workflows, and therefore any changes in the rules of net neutrality can significantly affect the VoIP industry and way companies function, particularly VoIP providers, since they…