More than 7 years ago when Laimis joined the DIDWW team, he did not have an extensive knowledge of telecommunications. However, his tenacity, people skills, and excellent grasp of the English language landed him the position of an Account Manager. Today, thousands of phone calls, emails and meetings later, he has become one of the key people in charge of Business Development at DIDWW. Laimis can close deals like no other employee, and, as a demanding mentor, his trainees tend to follow in his footsteps and also become successful sales people. Currently Laimis is enjoying his new role as a father to the cutest 8-month-old girl Eivina, and most of his free time is dedicated to his family. He still enjoys a game of basketball with his friends or playing video games – bearing significant responsibilities at work requires some relaxing time off. Read the full interview with Laimis below…