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Meet Laimis Abakas – The Sales Star Who Met the Love of his Life at DIDWW

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More than 7 years ago when Laimis joined the DIDWW team, he did not have an extensive knowledge of telecommunications. However, his tenacity, people skills, and excellent grasp of the English language landed him the position of an Account Manager. Today, thousands of phone calls, emails and meetings later, he has become one of the key people in charge of Business Development at DIDWW. Laimis can close deals like no other employee, and, as a demanding mentor, his trainees tend to follow in his footsteps and also become successful sales people.

Currently Laimis is enjoying his new role as a father to the cutest 8-month-old girl Eivina, and most of his free time is dedicated to his family. He still enjoys a game of basketball with his friends or playing video games – bearing significant responsibilities at work requires some relaxing time off.

Read the full interview with Laimis below to find out more about his career at DIDWW.


You had sales experience before your career at DIDWW, but none of it was related to telecommunications or VoIP. What was your first impression of this particular field?


When I first started diving into all the small ins and outs of telecommunications and VoIP, everything was foreign to me. While I consider myself a “technology fan”, the amount of new information was overwhelming. And I had to start selling these products and services! Thankfully, I had very patient and capable teachers such as our CEO, who didn’t give up on me. When I started getting the hang of it, I soon understood the true potential that VoIP technology could bring to us all. My motivation, enthusiasm and drive doubled every time that the company introduced a new product.


You have been with DIDWW for more than 7 years. How has the company helped you grow personally?


I spent most of my twenties with DIDWW, and my employment with the company has certainly aided my growth in many ways. It’s the time of life when one can really be influenced by people, and I am grateful to have been surrounded by the positive atmosphere at DIDWW. I used to be a “know it all” just for the sake of being one, but I have now learned to do thorough research before I open my mouth! All of the people whom I work with at DIDWW, especially the founders of the company, have helped me grow and to become what I am today.


Could you distinguish the key moments at DIDWW during your time here?

It is difficult to select only a few highlights…there have been so many. The one that pops to mind right now is the introduction of our virtual™”. It is just mind-blowing to me that such a sophisticated and powerful PBX system can be so easy to configure and manage.


What is more important to you: maintaining clients or growing the business?


Definitely maintaining the clients. If there are no clients – there is no business to grow. I always want them to feel that they are an integral part of DIDWW. Because they really are, each and every one of them. When your clients trust you on a personal level, then they trust you with their business. And as they grow, we are able to increase the role that we play in their business. As a mentor, I teach our new team members that they should not take small deals for granted. If you do everything correctly and you prove to the client that they should have full confidence in DIDWW, large opportunities will follow.


What is your strategy for converting a “no” into a “yes”?

Being persistent, having complete knowledge of the client’s needs, and being fully confident in your products. If you don’t believe in the quality and capabilities of your company’s products,  it will be very difficult to convince potential customers of the suitability of your services. So, I guess, this sales and business development task is easy for me!


What is the most memorable deal you have ever closed or did not manage to close?


I managed to book a meeting with one of the largest satellite operators in the world during one of the exhibitions at ITW. The room was full of C-level satellite telecommunications executives, and I felt somewhat intimidated. But I managed to pull myself together and my presentation went well. Despite that, no immediate interest was shown in our products. However, with some persistence, we did close the deal about six months later, and this satellite operator has been a satisfied and growing customer ever since.


Amongst other great people, you met your wife at DIDWW. Please tell us your story.

From the first moment Agne started working at DIDWW, I knew there was something special about her. I had to use every trick up my sleeve, but after a while we were spending a lot of time at work and after work together. We tried keeping our relationship a secret for a while, but it’s really difficult when you both work in the same place. We have now been happily married for 3 years, and are raising a beautiful 8 month old girl.


What is the most important aspect of DIDWW’s business for you?


The most important aspect to me is the relationship that each one of us at DIDWW has with our clients. From my experience, it is very difficult to get so close and personal with other companies. Our intimate relationships allow us to really understand the needs of the clients, and we have the freedom to be creative and flexible so as to adjust our offerings to meet specific customer requirements. A positive experience with any representative of DIDWW simply makes customers feel comfortable with using our services, and most importantly, staying loyal to DIDWW. And that dynamic is truly special and unique within our industry. Such relationships can only be based on mutual trust that has been developed over a period of time, and cannot be bought for any amount of money.

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