The latest report from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) reveals a stark reality: only a mere three percent of organizations worldwide possess the necessary level of readiness to combat modern cybersecurity risks effectively. Released today, the 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index underscores a notable decline from the previous year, where 15% of enterprises were classified as mature in their cybersecurity readiness.

The UK faces a digital exclusion dilemma, with lack of strategy and leadership leaving millions potentially unconnected. Baroness Stowell highlights the imperative of bridging this gap for global competitiveness. However, the effectiveness of suggested solutions remains debatable, and conversations around online safety further complicate the situation. With potential threats to end-to-end encryption, a revised approach to digital skills may be necessary.

Attentive’s State of Conversational Commerce Report indicates that consumers are increasingly comfortable interacting with brands, as long as they perceive value. The report surveyed over 8,000 consumers from the US, Canada, the UK and Australia and found that 91% of those questioned have opted into the SMS program of at least one brand, or are interested in doing so. Conversational commerce refers to interactive, people-driven experiences that support the entire customer buying experience, from awareness to post-purchase. The report showed that conversational commerce has been widely adopted in the shopping journey. This approach presents an opportunity for brands to engage with customers and close a revenue gap through personalized, immediate attention. The majority of respondents (88%) would engage in a two-way conversation with a brand about a product, and 87% would reach out to resolve a checkout issue. The report also found that consumers were willing to spend…