Snom Technology, the world’s leading brand for business IP telephony, is completing its D3XX and D7XX IP phone families by adding three new models – and satisfying the demands of customers who want to invest in bespoke solutions.  Any business which is cost-conscious or carrying out large-scale installations will benefit from adjustments to the equipment and a brand new, entry-level IP phone with color display. What you see is what you get Normally, manufacturers with high-end devices in their product lines offer the most cutting-edge equipment at launch. However, this always results in significant differences in price between entry-level products and so called “top of the range” products.  However, a recent survey of Snom partners revealed that 97 % of respondents had never used the integrated Bluetooth function since purchasing ‘‘top’’ models in the D3XX and D7XX (D385 and D785) series and couldn’t foresee any use for it…