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Snom expands its product portfolio with three new IP phones

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Snom Technology, the world’s leading brand for business IP telephony, is completing its D3XX and D7XX IP phone families by adding three new models – and satisfying the demands of customers who want to invest in bespoke solutions. 


Any business which is cost-conscious or carrying out large-scale installations will benefit from adjustments to the equipment and a brand new, entry-level IP phone with color display.

What you see is what you get

Normally, manufacturers with high-end devices in their product lines offer the most cutting-edge equipment at launch. However, this always results in significant differences in price between entry-level products and so called “top of the range” products. 


However, a recent survey of Snom partners revealed that 97 % of respondents had never used the integrated Bluetooth function since purchasing ‘‘top’’ models in the D3XX and D7XX (D385 and D785) series and couldn’t foresee any use for it in the mid-term. 


With a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach, Snom is now adding two new IP end-devices without Bluetooth: D385N and D785N. 


“Adapting our two flagship devices, while maintaining the customary range of functions, has enabled us to get even closer to our customers by offering them exactly what they want from both models – and at an unmatched price,” comments Florent Aubert, Head of Product Management at Snom. 

New slim and functional device with TFT color display

The new D713 also expands Snom’s D7XX series with a desk phone for use in large hotel complexes and public spaces such as entrance lobbies, hospitals and also call centers with hundreds or thousands of workstations. 


These environments normally demand slim and functional IP terminals, combining user-friendly design with high performance, low power consumption and good affordability. The new D713 is the ideal combination of these features. Designed for HD audio, the IP phone promises high-end, crystal-clear voice quality. 


With its TFT color display and two gigabit ports, the D713 also supports six SIP identities and offers four freely programmable function keys with LEDs. There is also the proven security, interoperability and versatile firmware characteristic to Snom phones, which includes remote configuration via SRAPS (“Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service”). 


“With this new D7XX series device, priced in the entry level segment, we are further complementing our most successful product family to date. The D713 fills a gap in our range, cited by our customers. We are happy to meet their demands,” Aubert concludes. 

The new D713 is available now. 

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