Softphones have become very popular across the world due to its cost-effectiveness, the multiple features offered by the software and the ability of the device to offer unified communications, including voice, video, instant messaging and fixed-mobile convergence. The 6 Benefits of Using Softphones: Cost of softphones Softphones are inexpensive and many products are available free of charge. In addition, softphones allow expensive desk and SIP phones to be replaced, and the cost of maintaining this hardware is no longer a consideration. Any upgrades to the softphone are generally free-of-charge and are easily installed without requiring expensive technical assistance. Save on calls In general, VoIP-to-VoIP calls are completely free. International and long-distance rates are much lower when using a VoIP softphone versus traditional telephony, so those making regular or frequent calls out-of-state or country can effect significant cost savings. Also, traditional landlines require a high general operating fee in order to…