TPx, a managed services company that offers cybersecurity, managed networks and cloud communications, has added Penetration Scanning to its Security Advisory Services offering.   TPx Penetration Scanning makes use of an automated scanning platform, which allows for quick turnaround times and cost-effective services. This advanced product expands on TPx’s Vulnerability Scanning, which examines network-connected devices in order to discover possible security leaks.   The combination of penetration and vulnerability scanning when used jointly offers a more thorough method of risk identification and security reinforcement. TPx Vulnerability and Penetration Scan simulates hacker behavior to assist clients evaluate the probability that a criminal will be able to successfully attack a company’s weaknesses in order to obtain access to systems or secret information on the network. Scanners track a company’s risk profile in almost real-time, with the  analysis being conducted as a one-time activity or on a regular basis.   Rick Mace, CEO…