Telia, Sweden’s telecom giant, is reportedly considering selling off its broadcasting division, TV4, with negotiations in progress with potential buyers. This comes as TV4’s value declines, attributed to dwindling ad revenue and challenges with premium sports content. Critics suggest Telia misunderstood the complexities of the TV industry, with former CEO of TV4, Jan Scherman, openly critical of the acquisition.

The 1st of January, 2019 saw the first live TV broadcast of the annual Bosingak bell-ringing New Year’s event over a 5G commercial network. SK Telecom, a South Korean wireless carrier, took advantage of the festive opportunity and offered a live, 11-minute broadcast of the country’s largest celebration in Seoul. High-definition footage on an entertainment channel XtvN showed the New Year’s countdown ceremony, the bell-ringing event and interviews. “With today’s successful live TV broadcasting over commercial 5G network, SK Telecom ushers in a new era of 5G-based media services,” said Choi Nak-hoon, Senior Vice President and Head of 5GX IoT/Data Group of SK Telecom. “In this new era, individual creators will be able to provide high-quality live broadcast anytime, anywhere, via 5G smartphones.” SK Telecom commercialised its 5G network in December 2018, accompanied by a ‘T Live Caster’ app. The solution was developed over a period of four…