Virgin Media O2 and Crown Commercial Service have inked a new Memorandum of Understanding aimed at enhancing technological and telecommunications solutions to bolster digitalisation efforts within the UK Government and the wider public sector. CCS, a government body responsible for aiding public sector procurement, has been pivotal in organizing the purchase of common goods and services across various organizations.

Bridging the digital divide in vast and harsh terrains like the Scottish Highlands, VMO2 embarks on a novel approach, utilizing a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites from Starlink for critical backhaul services. Bypassing conventional, costly terrestrial infrastructure, VMO2’s tests have proven the potency of satellite technology in improving coverage across the UK.

VMO2 faced a substantial loss of £3.3 billion in 2023, worsened by a £3.1 billion goodwill impairment rooted in increased capital costs. While their debt soured under challenging economic conditions, they still managed to attract 64,000 new broadband and 47,000 mobile customers. Nevertheless, revenues witnessed a slight tumble as consumer fixed income dipped and the B2B sector lagged.

VMO2 is set to bolster its workforce with 200 new roles, an exciting prospect for those seeking to embark on careers in the dynamic telecommunications industry. While this initiative presents a pathway to cultivating vital skills and qualifications, the telecom giant’s stride in employment growth seems to have slowed following last year’s ambitious pledge.

Aiming to diminish the climate impact of legal proceedings, a group of dedicated lawyers is advocating for sustainable litigation practices across England and Wales. Aligned with the 2015 Paris Agreement, the initiative pleads with organizations striving for Net Zero emissions to adopt the Greener Litigation Pledge. VMO2 plays a key role in this movement, with ambitious plans to reduce its emissions by 90% by 2040.

Initiated by the UK government, the Shared Rural Network (SRN) aims to eradicate coverage black spots and ensure widespread 4G coverage. This project has been approached with differing bravado by top network operators. Juncture tensions arise as key operators plead for deadline leniency, while EE stands confident in its progress. All eyes are on the government’s response to this collective request while interest in the ongoing infrastructure debate climaxes. Stay informed as the narrative unfolds.

UK operator VMO2’s recent innovation eliminates network dead zones across a 126-acre farm, combining telecom and agriculture to test the impact of digital technology on rural farming. This collaboration enables real-time tracking of high-value items, prompt alerts on farm security breaches, and efficient crop health monitoring, thereby potentially boosting farm productivity and significantly reducing losses.