The UK-based Colt Technology Services, a provider of network, voice, data center and managed cloud services, has announced the expansion of its voice offering to four new countries, namely Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. As part of this global voice rollout, Colt has stated that Singapore, Slovakia, Canada and the US will now benefit from enhanced voice functionalities as well. This expansion is part of Colt’s commitment to remove the barriers businesses face when trying to strengthen their global presence. “Colt’s product portfolio has been continually evolving to enable enterprises’ digital transformations, allowing more customer control and supporting their growth,” said Rajiv Datta, Chief Operating Officer at Colt. “The continued expansion of our global Voice proposition provides customers with one supplier globally, which has 100% regulatory compliance and allows them to control their services easily through an online portal.” The announcement also indicates that when using Colt’s global voice…