NetNumber, the US-based provider of centralized signaling and routing controller (CSRC) solutions, and Voipfuture, the developer of edge technology for monitoring and analyzing voice quality in IP networks, have announced the launch of a fully-automated and intelligent routing system for voice services. This is the industry’s first intelligent platform to conduct traffic analysis for media and signaling, and transform quality information into routing actions. According to the announcement, the system will provide domestic telecommunications companies and international carriers with the capability to automatically reroute traffic in real-time in case of media quality deterioration. The rerouting and route recovery decisions will be based on the specified policies of the communication service providers (CSP). It is stated that the availability of automatic rerouting capabilities allows CSPs to improve quality by choosing more efficient downstream carriers, thereby attracting additional traffic from customers as well as OTTs and optimizing termination costs. Moreover, valuable traffic can receive…