wearable devices


Emerging from the tech world, the AI Pin—an innovative, screen-free wearable gadget—incorporates artificial intelligence to facilitate verbal engagement and numerous other unique functionalities. Embedded into a shirt, it provides easy, hands-free access to information and personal communication. It features an unusual ability to support nutritional goals, leveraging computer vision technology to identify various food items. Functioning on the tailored OS, Cosmos, the AI Pin tries to simplify user interaction with AI, by veering away from the conventional method of downloading or launching apps. With no need for smartphone pairing and its claim of not eavesdropping on user’s conversations, it offers a fresh take on consumer technology.

The global wearable device market has bounced back, with an 8.5% year-on-year increase in Q2 shipments, counteracting a two-quarter decline. This upswing is not all positive news, with the market value taking a hit as competition leads to hefty price discounts. However, a growing preference for comprehensive health tracking provides exciting potential, with major brands and emerging players closely eyeing this trend. An interesting spectrum lies ahead in wearable technology, where even the traditional dominance of smartwatches may be contested by earware.